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#10 Reclaimed wood

We just got a new batch of reclaimed wood today. The wood is old growth wood flooring taken from a 1910 building that was torn down from 9th & Thomas St. in Seattle.  I found Bruce, owner of Wonder of Wood, on  He is supplying us with 4800 sq foot of wood and making them into ship lap for the ceilings, walls and floors.  Ship lap is a type of board that is cut to over lap and create a tight seal.  He said total count of blades they’ve gone through milling so far is 14!

Bruce explained that the amount of wood taken from this building was 100 ft x 100 ft x 2!  Because it was an old 1900’s building and they did not know the techniques we use now they had what is called fire floors.  This is 2 x 6’s together so they had to pull those apart.

There are 7 steps it needs to get through before it even gets to the mill.

#1 Haul the wood in containers from the demolished building

#2 Unload and stack with forklift

#3 Break apart to single 2X6’s

#4 Take nails out and scrap paint and cement off

#5 Size it

#6 Cut in half

#7 Make what they call a rabbet edge on 2 sides to make into ship lap boards.

We appreciate all the work that went into the process of getting it from the demolished building and all the way to our home on Vashon.  It would be a shame if this old growth wood was just tossed into the garbage.  Thanks to Bruce for his efforts to put it back in use.

For more info, contact Bruce Borjesson at 206-765-8977.  Also listed in the resources page.

Our second truck-full to go on the walls

Our second truck-full to go on the walls

Bruce and Matthew

Bruce and Matthew

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