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#12 Plumbing, gutter eaves and more

More plumbing progress…

Also this week, Matthew and Corbin put in the hardware for the closet pocket doors and put on…drum roll please….our 5 foot skylight!  That was very exciting to see and made the house look cozier from the outside.  I don’t know why but the rounding out of “the cap” as I’ve taken to calling it, really makes a difference.

Then it was time to install the eaves where the gutter will sit.  They are attached to the rafters.  They had to cut, stain and attach all the pieces which was a two day process.  This is a good close up view of our window box.

Yesterday as Matthew was asking me when our Solitex Mento 1000 vaper barrier by Pro Clima (Germany) was going to arrive, I dashed off to the trailer to check on it’s status and before I could even get to the computer, the Fed Ex truck pulled up.  Talk about good timing!  Esp. because we got a day of sun in between all the rainy days and that meant they could work on the bedrooms and bathroom roof.  The insulation goes underneath the thick oiled plywood in these areas, as opposed to the yurt kit which had to go in from above and had no plywood.  So now we are considered totally dried in, even without the actual metal roof on.  Apparently the Solitex can be used as a temporary roof for up to 3 months.  This will give them a little leeway in getting to other things.

I have been going into Seattle looking for salvaged materials at Earthwise Salvage, Second Use, and Ballard ReUse for the past two weeks.  Specifically push button metal light switch covers and light fixtures.  I happen to find all of the covers that we need, 10 for $64.  Not bad!  I purchased the new push button hardware, in the first photo, online from House of Antique Hardware based out of Portland.  These are made in China but are the only ones I could find.  See Resources page for links to the products, materials and place of purchase.

I found a light for our bedroom from Earthwise.   It is called School house design as they were used in school houses, libraries etc.  I will use this design through out the main yurt but have them hanging instead of flush to the ceiling like in the bedrooms and bath.  As a whole, our design inspiration is a combination of early 1900’s meets rustic cabin meets Tudor and Craftsman style.  We definitely want it to look old.  Usually people are into updating their houses.  Can you call what we are doing down dating?  Maybe I just made up a new word!

Coming up in the near future…electrical, windows, cedar siding, interior insulation, ship lap walls and more.

3 comments on “#12 Plumbing, gutter eaves and more

  1. darcy
    November 26, 2014

    downdating! ha! those light switches are so cool!


  2. bruce
    November 29, 2014

    You are extraordinary my dear, you and Mathew . thanks mr b. And happy thanksgiving


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