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#13 An Electric Halloween

  Happy Halloween from the Vashon Library!


 And in more yurt news…the electricians were here for two days continuing to give us all made in the usa wiring, Steel City electrical boxes, Eaton panel, breaker box, and meter base.  Getting the electrical done means we are ready for the septic pump, tank and drain field to be installed.  Since code only allows for this to happen when there is dry ground for a certain amount of time, we are a bit antsy for that to get done.  Right now it’s rain city here in the Pacific Northwest and the worry is that it will not stop raining to get us done by our “move in” goal.  That being Christmas or New Years, and will hinge on if the septic is allowed to be installed.  Cross all your fingers for some dry weather.  A tarp has been put down to stop the further saturating of water, so that’s a good start.

Matthew and Corbin have been working today to get the exterior house wrap (Solitex) on to the bedrooms and bathroom.  Say, where did those windows go anyway?  🙂

They’ve also installed the rivets to the roof…

…and the anchor bolts to the yurt kit so it is now bolted to the foundation.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!  Every little step is exciting for us!

Thanks for reading!

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