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#15 Where was it made?

We do our best to buy as many Made in USA products as we can.  This goes for everything, not just building related.  Unfortunately just because it is made in the US doesn’t mean it is the best product.  Especially when it comes to energy efficiency.  It seems all other countries are a head of the game on that one.

Our choice to buy certain items from non US companies was dependent on many things.  Was it the most energy efficient?  Was it available in the US?  Was it non toxic?  Was it the best for the job?  Was it made to last?

Our conscious choice to avoid Made in China products as much as possible is rooted in our concern for the widespread outsourcing that has become the norm in our society.  Mass rejection of these products is the only way to send a message that we want our manufacturing to come back to the US.  We want to clarify we are not against the people of China.  Just the outsourcing of jobs.


Skylight:  (Made in Seattle)

Pocket door hardware:

Light tubes:


Air powered nails, staples & fasteners:

Nails/structural systems:

Epoxy Based Anchoring Adhesive:


Cap and Rib Roof Panels:


Electrical Breaker Box, panel, meter base:

Electrical wire:

Light switch covers & lights:

Electric outlets:


Wood Screws:

Glues, Adhesives, caulks, sealants, flooring products:

Staples:  (Arrow T50)

Paint roller:  Wooster Super/fab FTP

Low Velocity Powder Fasteners:

Wood finish sealer:


Contractor garbage bags:

Shoes:  Klogs USA


Miele washing machine: Germany

Pro Clima vapor barriers: Germany

Tescon Vana VB tape: Germany

Blomberg refrigerator: Turkey

Roxul mineral wool insulation: Canada

Noritz on-demand hot water heater: Japan

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump: Japan

Toto toilet: Japan

Morso wood stove: Denmark

Loewen windows: Canada

Pro Clima vapor barriers: Germany

Tescon Vana VB tape: Germany

Steibel Eltron wall heaters: Germany (considered but not purchased)

Pacific Range Hood: Taiwan

Do It Best 3″ Exterior Nails:  Taiwan

Gurardian GuardWrap HP NXT Vapor Barrier-yurt kit: Canada

Timbermate Wood filler: Australia

Rubio Monocoat wood stain: Belguim


3″ Plastic cap roofing nail:  Do It (Best)

House exhaust vent:  Panasonic Whispergreen

Simpson exterior doors (came with the yurt kit)

This is an on-going list until project completion.

2 comments on “#15 Where was it made?

  1. Jessica Renee
    December 7, 2014

    Ah yes, thank you for the checklist.


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