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#20 Windows, Doors and More

That’s a perfect title for what’s happened this week at our yurt but it also happens to be where we got our windows, doors and light tubes from.  They were contacted this week because Matthew ran into various roadblocks installing the Loewen exterior window casing.  Ryan, at Seattle’s W D & M, facilitated the modifications Loewen provided, so that Matthew could finish the job.  A big thank you to Ryan and most especially Matthew for having to deal with that unforeseen situation.  Also this week, the rest of the exterior cedar siding to finish off the windows.  It’s looks really great!

Matthew and Corbin put in the first one!

Matthew and Corbin putting in the first window!

Windows...and check out the door!

Windows…and our first door install!

Closer shot


What the back looks like today.  Bathroom door will be installed tomorrow.

What the back looks like today. Bathroom door will be installed tomorrow. Same full window door as the front.

We met with Joe Neal of Vashon Sheet Metal, who will do our gutters and metal work in the next few weeks.  We choose Zincalume half round gutters with 3″ round downspouts and midnight bronze for around the base of the foundation (covering up that pink stuff you see in the picture).   I’ll post photos after they are installed.

This week a landscaper will come and install a drain around the perimeter of the house.  It will be topped off with river rocks that go around about a foot out.

2 comments on “#20 Windows, Doors and More

  1. peggy64
    November 20, 2014

    looks like your moving
    right along Looks great!!!!.


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