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#26 Wood floors

The walls were done last month.  Matthew used an old Scandinavian method of hanging a branch to signify completion and bring good luck.  Thanks Matthew! 🙂

First day of flooring install. Notice the white on the floor. This is a base coat of Xtra Bond Platinum Adhesive as a vapor barrier and extra sound insulation. Here Matthew is using it to glue the flooring down. Corbin was the master cutter (again!). So so many cuts.

Non toxic, made in USA flooring adhesive:

This particular reclaimed wood is proving most challenging to work with.  Matthew and Corbin have put in a lot of extra time and effort to make it work.  It’s been very much appreciated.  Look how awesome it looks!  It feels very warm and comfortable when you walk on it.  I have to admit I was surprised how nice it felt.

Here is the finished unstained floor. Next comes sanding, filling in the gaps and holes with Timbermate wood filler, then more sanding and finally, staining with the Rubio to match the rest of the woodwork.

After that is complete, they can finish putting up the base moulding, install the kitchen cabinets and appliances, the bathroom stuff and the interior doors.

Our heating choice (well… one of them):

Mitsubishi ductless heat pump. Also called a mini split because it is split in two pieces. SUPER DUPER energy efficient. A little pricey at first but then crazy cheap bills thereafter. We will make back our money really quickly and there is a rebate if you install one. Can also be used as an air conditioner and/or a dehumidifier. This sits above our window seat in the main room. We will also have a wood stove that we hope to use most of the time.

The other half of the heat pump. Sits outside. Very quiet.

Clever gutter attachment to divert the rain to our rain barrel.

This is the back of the house/our bedroom windows. It still needs to be stained but the rain is holding that part of the process up. Also, this shows the gravel that goes around the perimeter of the house. Underneath that are drainage pipes that divert the rain to an area in our yard near the road and away from the house that is like a french drain.

And finally, some more electrical work was done.  Now we are waiting on the light fixture bases to come in and the rest of it will be done.  They were ordered on and made in Portland.  I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for salvaged so had to go with new ones.  I bought all the glass shades from either Second Use, Ballard ReUse or Earthwise in Seattle.

I know it seems stupid but I am very excited to have these old fashioned light switches.

I couldn’t find salvaged outlet covers anywhere to match, so I bought these on They don’t match exactly but from farther away it looks pretty close.

Our estimated time of completion is end of the month.  Before we can move in, here are the other things I haven’t mentioned yet that need to be installed:  wood stove and brick hearth pad, propane for cooking and on demand hot water heater, light tubes (like skylights but concentrated and focused light instead of muted), bricks for under the covered porch and in front of the back door, the stove hood vent, and some more trim work.  I think that is it, I may be forgetting something.  We’re very close and yet it feels very far.  I have my fingers crossed and hope we can be moving in soon.

Thanks for reading!!!


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