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#29 The floors and a trip to Indianola

We took a trip to the cabinet makers to drop off our Madrone butcher block counter top.  It was a sunny day and afterwards we went to the beach.

                                      Here is a preview of our kitchen cabinets so far.

One of the doors

Interior cabinet shelves

And here is the process of finishing our reclaimed floors.  It was quite an effort.

First Corbin had to dig out the glue from between the gaps and the nail holes.

First Corbin had to dig out the glue from between the gaps and the nail holes.

Step one

Step one

You can see the glue here. Notice how the boards are not level in the bottom left, also the gaps and split board. These all needed to be filled in.

The first sanding to level out the boards.

The first sanding to level out the boards.

We filled in the gaps and holes with the Timbermate wood filler three times.  Each time Matthew had to re-sand it down.

We filled in the gaps and holes with the Timbermate wood filler three times until there were no cracks/gaps left. Each time Matthew had to re-sand it down.

This is how it looked just before staining.

Applying the Rubio Monocoat Cherry Coral stain

The finished product

The finished product

We seriously love it!!!

Next comes the finish of the interior trim and doors and the installation of the kitchen cabinets and bathroom stuff.

Oh, and our Worthington ASME 120 lb. propane tank for cooking and on demand hot water heater has arrived from PacWest on the main land.  It’s estimated to last 6-8 months.  I hope they are right.

…and last but not least, we got our lights installed.

We’re so close, we should be in by the end of the month!  Once again, thanks so much for reading! 🙂


3 comments on “#29 The floors and a trip to Indianola

  1. aminah bradford
    September 29, 2016

    Hi, Your blog is lovely and so is the house! I am wondering. We redid a small country home and used reclaimed wood we got off an old pine barn. We already monocoated (sanded etc) but the wood shrunk a year later and so we bought a big tub of timber mate. We are going to sand and try again. Can you tell me how the timbermate/monocoat combo has held up for you and if you have any tips! I would so appreciate it. Thank you!


    • Laura
      September 30, 2016

      Hi Aminah, Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, our builder told us to expect wood shrinkage so we knew it would happen. So far we have some cracks in the timbermate (not a lot, but mostly in the places where there were huge gaps between the wood, so we needed to use more timbermate there). I have been procrastinating on refilling it in. I wasn’t planning on re-sanding but just re-applying the timbermate to the areas that need it and wiping up the excess. As far as the monocoat goes, we have dogs, a young cat that tears around, as well as my clumsiness of dropping stuff all the time, so we do have scratch marks in the floor. That was also expected… between me, the animals and using old growth fir, which is not a hard wood. So we are happy that we went with the monocoat because now we just reapply it with a rag in the spots needed and call it a day. As opposed to having to redo the whole floor someday. We like the lived-in old look of the floor and not into a perfect pristine floor. We picked the cherry color, which is quite dark so of course it’s going to show more than if it was a blonde floor color. I don’t know what your floor looks like so it’s hard for me to say. Is it that bad that it needs to be re-sanded? That sounds like starting from square one. Ours just basically needs a little maintenance now and again, which we don’t mind at all. I hope that answers your question. Good luck with it! -Laura


  2. aminah bradford
    October 12, 2016

    thanks so much, Laura, for the reply. No the floors don’t look bad but my question or concern is that where I have tried filling a few sample gaps with the timbermate and then sealed with more monocoat to match the rest of the floors — after a month or so the timbermate fillings are wearing away or chunking away. So i’m a little nervous about doing the whole house if the fillings are going to lift out so I thought I’d check and see if it was operator error and if so maybe you had some wisdom about how to make sure i really apply it right— or if you’d had similar issues.

    thanks again for your helpful response. we too love that we can just re-apply wherever the monocoat has begun to wear. -Aminah


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