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We are Laura and John.  This is a blog of how and why we decided to build a cedar yurt on Vashon Island, WA.  It covers the actual building, the materials we chose, the issues we faced, the conversations we have on a daily basis about our world and our response to the craziness that is happening all around us.  We want this to be used as a resource for others who are looking for alternative building materials and as a discussion on the crisis our planet faces today.

In building, we found ourselves continually finding materials to use that we would literally say, “This is the only one that we would consider”,  “This is the only one.”,  this came up over and over.  That’s how we came to name this site,  Sharing the Only One.  We also realized that our yurt is probably the only one with this combination of materials.

Our criteria?  Non toxic, not made in China, non plastic, the most simple & low tech, the least waste, reclaimed materials, knowing the country of origin and the best quality.  (What’s the point if it’s not made to last.)  But there aren’t that many choices.  So this is why we made this blog.  To share our story and how we did it and how it relates to how the world is today.  What compromises we made and why.  We searched for other blogs that covered building materials in the US with our criteria and guess what, as far as we can tell, we are literally “sharing the only one”!

Please feel free to share with others that may be interested.


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  1. Christen
    December 10, 2014

    too awesome! I even love the picture! Ur amazing!


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