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#9 475 Building Supply coming to Portland

I just got off the phone with Phil of 475 and I am happy to report they will now have a warehouse in Portland.  For anyone on the west coast this is great news!  You will be able to order and get your materials in 1-2 days!   He said the materials are literally being shipped to the warehouse as we speak.

Originally we discovered 475 High Performance Building Supply of Brooklyn, when searching for environmentally friendly Vapor Barriers.  Then we realized we also needed an alternative to tar paper.   We searched their website and found just the thing, Solitex Mento 1000.

So far we’ve used the DB+ Vapor Barrier on the roof  of the main yurt and soon it will also go on the interior walls.  We just ordered the Solitex Mento 1000 for the bed & bath add on roof, and as an exterior housewrap for those areas as well.

Thank you to Phil for taking the time to explain the differences of each product we were searching for!  We are not being paid to advertise for them but I felt that anyone looking for quality earth friendly energy efficient materials should know about them.

You can read their “about” page to find out more about them:

Here are the products we used, also found in the resources page.  They are made by Pro Clima, and made in Germany:

475 High Performance Building Supply
131 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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